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Antique dealer trough two generations and professional in the art market since 1985.
Expert in furniture, art objects and sculptures dating from the second half of the 19th century.
Business wich starts before 1970, handed down from father to son with a passion for the 19th century wich is the most electic period in the history of art.
Specialised in the period between 1850 and 1900, for it's abundance, diversity, even confusion, but also rich with these great artistic movements from the Orient, a real major inspiration for these great artists of renown.
It's the time of the great World's Fairs, union between art and industry that grew out of the desire of a pacific confrontation between the most various productions of the industrial powers. Insatiable desire for technical perfection and ornamental virtuosity wich will give masterpieces of decorative Arts of the 19th century.
Throughout this website, you will find all of our antiques mainly based on the 19th century, but also a vast range of bronzes, sculptures, objets of curiosity or very fine old pieces. We offer you quality, authenticity and transparency.
We will offer you a choice of object of art and furniture of these talented creators, makers of bronzes, cabinetmakers, enamellers, goldsmiths, and manufacturer such as : Ferdinand Barbedienne, Beurdeley, manufacture de Christofle & Cie, Cornu, Dasson, Elinkgton & Co, l'Escalier de Cristal, maison Alphonse Giroux, Krieger, Linke, Lièvre, Viardot, Winkelsen, Zweiner with many their masterpieces of an extreme quality of execution and the creations of these famous houses of the time.

Our furnitures, art objects and sculptures are guarenteed, the buyer will be given a certificate of authenticity on request.

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