"The Cardinal with the green parrot" by Alfred Charles Weber (1862-1922)

Oil on mahogany pannel and 19th century gilt stucco frame. Signe Weber lower right.

About the artist

Alfred Charles Weber (1862-1922) , French school.
Details about Charles Alfred Weber's life are quite rare but we know he has German origins and he really made a name for himself in the French school at the end of the 19th century. He was trained following the highest norms in this field and remained faithful to the figurative tradition. Thus, he painted a large amount of works, mainly oil on pannels and occasionally some watercolours. Like his coeval Brunery, Vibert et Maria Weber-Milton, he made a name for himself by depicting very often the inside and Cardinals of the Catholic Church on their unscheduled activities. Such scenes became very fashionable in America and a great amount of his works were bought by Americans. Nowadays these scenes are still sought-after and sometimes appear in auction rooms.

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Height : 14 in
Width : 10.6 in
With frame
Height : 25 in
Width : 22 in

Time 1890
Origin France
Materials Oil on Mahogany pannel and XIXth century gilt stucco frame
Reference Tableau-Weber11
"The Cardinal with the green parrot" by Alfred Charles Weber (1862-1922)

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