Large Painting by Camille Fauré's workshop (1872-1955)

Large oil on canvas from Camille Fauré's workshop, named "Rapsos" and dated 1908 in a title block.Its early dating and large size make us think of a decorative project, maybe private.This journey in Grece is full of charm and exotism with these two lovers walking in the woods. Lights are subtle : the greek city and its temples in the background are in bright colors whereas the little Eros, ready to shoot his arrow and the young couple are in soft light, filtered by the the woods' trees. Because of the exotic subject from Ancient Greece, its poetic quality and the lightness of its composition, this large painting is in accordance with the Art Nouveau.

Private collection : Painting acquired from Camille Fauré's family.

About the context

Attentive to the "modern chic" spreading among luxury and consumption products, the Fauré workshop created vases with geometrical decorations according to a formula that made the worldwide success of their Art Deco productions. Camille Fauré was a true business man - he never himself enamelled - reacted to the Sarlandie workshop productions by getting contributions from local artists Louis Valade and Edmond Jacquement (1906-1936). The Fauré workshop counted up to twenty five employees divided by their speciality (portraits, landscapes, jewellery, vases...). Andrée Fauré was said to have chosen the shapes to enamel to which she gave the name of some of her family's members or flowers. Several sketches prove that painter Edmond Jacquement was involved in the creation of new geometrical decorations.

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Height : 69.7 in
Length : 115.7 in

Time 1908
Origin Limoges, France
Materials Oil on canvas, oak frame.
Reference Tableau-Camille-Fauré02
Large Painting by Camille Fauré's workshop (1872-1955)

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