Harnessed workhorse by Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)

Old bronze proof made according to the sand casting method, brown patina, representing a harnassed workhorse. Signed T.Gechter on base and dated 1842. Bronze sculpture with an equestrian theme, very fine quality., detailed chasing, lot of details and ornaments, dynamic lines, which is typical of this romantic sculptor, particuliarly interested into modelling horses. Original cast, workshop of bronzemaker,founder and sculptor Jean-François Théodore Gechter (1841- 1844).

About the artist

Jean-François-Théodore Gechter (Born in Paris,1796 - Died in Paris December 11th 1844), sculptor, french school.
One of Bosio's or Gros' pupil, he exhibited at the Salon between 1827 and 1844. Knight of the French Legion of Honour in 1837. Among his works cited we find : Aboukir's battle, bas-relief of the Triumphal Arc of l'Etoile, Rhine and Rhone, statues for the Place de la Concorde, Saint Jean Chrysostome, marble statue for the Council State's room. Second class medal in 1839.
Museums :
Versailles' museum holds : Marshall de Saint André's bust
Bordeaux's museum : Soldier with his rifle, 16.9 in
Paris, Decorative Arts : Louis Philippe 1st standing, 16.1 in
Paris, Louvre : Tancrede's death, silvered bronze, 6.5x16.1 in

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Total Height : 5.51 in
: 4.52 in
Length: 5.11 in
Width : 2 in

Time 1842
Origin Paris, France
Materials Bronze and marble
Reference Bronze-Gechter156
Harnessed workhorse by Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)

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  • Harnessed workhorse by Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)
  • Harnessed workhorse by Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)
  • Harnessed workhorse by Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)
  • Harnessed workhorse by Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)
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