"Sapho" by Emmanuel VILLANIS (1858-1914), french school

Very fine green brown patina bronze proof representing the ancient poetess Sapho. She is portrayed playing the lyre, young and sensual. Inspired by an historical character, this sculpture by Emmanuel Villanis, with such an intense inwardness, confers the poetess a sense of grandeur and gentleness unrivaled. Bronze titled Sapho on the base, signed E.Villanis and bears the foundry mark of "La Société des bronzes de Paris".

About the artist

According to Pascal Launay's and Florian Haberey's researches, it is established that Emmanuel VILLANIS was born on december 12, 1858, at 11 rue des Os-Rongés in the city of Lille. He is the son of Félis Louis Villanis, teacher lithographer, and his wife Anne Lavioja. The Villanis family left Lille and went back to Italy after Victor Emmanuel II's prclamation of the Realm of Italy. Vincenzo Vicario's publication and Alfonso Panzetta's dictionnary teach us that Villanis started his artistic career in Italy with Odoardo Tabacchi as his master. According to Vincenzo Viccario, he exhibited a bust called "Alda" at the Milan Exhibition of 1881, Silla's portrait in Roma in 1883, a statuette named Nanà and a project of funeral monument in Torino in 1884. He exhibited two plaster heads called Fischio and Studio dal Vero at the Academy exhibition of Milano, alongside with a plaster bust called Epos. Villanis exhibited at the Salon of the French Artists from 1886 on and definitely settled in Paris, 13 rue André-del-Sartré. At the 1889 World Fair, he was awarded an honorable mention for a plaster statue named "La Sourcière". Another honorable mention in 1892 at the Salon where he exhibited two plaster sculptures : Mlle Bob Walter and Madeleine au Passage du Christ.

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Height : 28.3 in

Time 1900
Origin Paris, France
Materials Bronze
Reference Sapho-Villanis201
"Sapho" by Emmanuel VILLANIS (1858-1914), french school

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