Huge orientalist mantelpiece ornament, 19th century period.

Mantelpiece ornament with a central clock and a pair of three-light candelabras, orientalist style, made out of polychrom spelter. Clock is ornated with a circular face with enamel blocks topped by a designed cut pediment. The central element of the clock is a young oriental dancer girl coming out of two curtains in the spirit of the Viennese bronze productions among which models of lamps with a harem setting for decoration remind this universe. The two candelabras are standing arab hunters, arms crossed, with their weapon. They are next to ostriches holding the arm lights in their beaks. This orientalist mantelpiece ornament from the 19th century was probably made in Austria.

About the context

The Westerner's mind was nourished for many centuries with familiar and traditional images from a double cultural belonging. Otherworldliness fantasy and taste for exotism relied on references pulled out of varied sources, the very first one being the Bible. In keeping with his keen interest in universality and oriental aesthetic, the westerner found himself at the crossroad of colonial and scentific history, and also the history of entertainment with the fabulous World Fairs which built the international relationships for over a century (1851-1958).

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Height : 26.2 in
Width : 17.7 in
Depth : 6.7 in
Height : 31.1 in

Time 1860-1880
Origin Europe
Materials Polychrom spelter
Reference garniture-orientaliste152
Huge orientalist mantelpiece ornament, 19th century period.

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