Bronze wall clock from the Graux-Marly Maison of Paris, founder and editor.

Fine gilt bronze and silver wall clock, finely chiselled, hung by rigging in the trimming fashion. Ornated with two winged women surrounding the round clock's face. Shows a perfect mastery of metal work. Face has an openwork design inspired by gothic cathedrals' iconography. Arabic numeral. Signed on face, bronzemaker, founder and editor "J.Graux et Cié bronzes d'art Paris ". The refined and original arrangement of this wall clock is the reflection of those parisian industrial artists at the first place of the greatest Maisons of the time.

About the artist

Graux-Marly, fonder and editor of Paris
Firm in business during the second half of the XIXth century, first based Boulevard du Temple, and then, from 1860 on, 8 Rue du Parc-Royal. In 1880, Mr Graux-Marly's sons inherited their father's company. They produced furnishing and decorative bronzes, clocks, ornated flares in Clodion's fashion, items in the Russian, Byzantine or Persian style, decorated with enamels. They edited copies of sculptures from Antiquity or Renaissance, alongside with models from Barye, Carpeaux, Frémiet, Carrier-Belleuse and other contemporary artists.
Bronze medal in 1849 at the Exposition des Produits de l'Industrie and they exhibited at every World Fairs until 1900.

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Height : 29.9 in

Time 1880
Origin Paris, France
Materials bronze
Reference Cartel-Graux-Marly196
Bronze wall clock from the Graux-Marly Maison of Paris, founder and editor.

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