Large XIXth century ewers in the Renaissance fashion

This pair of large decorative ewers has an important decoration en rond-bosse and high relief linked to the theme of art and music. Its ovoid body shows two allegories surrounded by foliated scrolls : Art and Music. Both are depicted by feminine figures. In the upper section, the handle has the shape of a gracious godess. Under the pourer-spout is a Putto sitting onto a faun's head. Rectangular molded on Beligan dark marble bases. Even if very much inspired by the Renaissance style, these pair of large ewers are not an exact reproduction of a Renaissance work but a pure original invention of their time, in a modernized Renaissance style.

About the context

The Renaissance style was very fashionable at the time. The return of the Renaissance fashion in the sculpture of 1830 to 1850 reinforces its desire to find another approach than the neo-classic one. The Renaissance, heiress of the Greco-Roman tradition, was naturally very much appreciated by decorators and their customers in the second half of the XIXth century. Large ewers and large vases then became important subjects of creation in the mid XIXth century. These decorative objects bear patterns like lapels, grotesque heads, cherubs and Putto's heads, ram's heads, sphinx, chimaeras, dragons, snakes, dolphins and other fantastic animals. Tritons or other feminine figures are also used to sculpt the handles. This time gives a brillant reinterpretation of the French Renaissance's ornamentals classics.

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Height : 29.1 in

Time 1880
Origin France
Materials Spelter and Belgian Dark Marble
Reference Aiguières-Renaissance01
Large XIXth century ewers in the Renaissance fashion

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