Desktop inkwell by Emile-Louis Picault (1833-1915)

Massive bronze desktop inkwell, medal patina, cherry red marble. This inkwell, with decorations of Ancient warriors is represented by Émile-Louis Picault like an allegory of bravery. The container of the writing accessories like the quill are embedded into the hollowed out marble base. Ink dishes are made out of chiseled bronze with decorations of acanthus leaves and mounted by a grain as a top. Sculpture titled "Bravery" at the warrior's feet with the sculptor's signature on one side "Emile Picault , Salon des Beaux-Arts 1896"

About the artist

Emile Louis Picault was born in Paris on August 24th 1833, we know very little about his life. Yet there are a large amount of his works and his bronzes are often found on the market. He begins at the salon of La Société des Artistes in 1863 and attended it until 1914. He was granted a honorable mention in 1883. Allegories, warriors, figures glorifying patriotic virtues, heroes and historical or mythological characters, each part of the wide production of the sculptor. Settled in Paris, it seems the sculptor travelled a lot to North Africa since the mention "Made in Tunis" appears onto several works. However the orientalist representations are wanted and seldom on the art market.

Bibliography : Harold Berman , Bronzes Sculptors and Founders , 1800-1930 , Abage Publishers , Chicago 1974 Pierre Kjellberg , les bronzes du XIXe siècle , les Editions de l'Amateur , Paris 1989.

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Height : 14.2 in
Width : 19.3 in
Depth : 8.5 in

Time 1896
Origin France, Paris
Materials Bronze and cherry red marble
Reference Encrier-Picault219
Desktop inkwell by Emile-Louis Picault (1833-1915)

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