"Diana Huntress" by Alexandre FALGUIERE (1831-1900)

Bronze with a slight brown patina representing "Diana Huntress", naked with classy curves, pure and slender figure. This sculpture forces admiration through its beauty and realism which are worthy of Ancient statues. Old casting proof, signed on base "A.Falguière" and bearing the foundry's stamp "Thiébaut Frères Fondeur - Paris"

About the artist

Falguière Alexandre (Born in Toulouse, September 7, 1831- Died in Paris, 1900), Sculptor et painter.
He was born in Toulouse, and several of his peers like Antonin Mercié and Injalbert were from the Languedoc area. This may be the reason why he was pointed out as the leader of the so called "School of Toulouse". He is actually a master of realism, which is very trendy in France in the second half of the 19th century. According to his biographer Léonce Bénédicte, his father, who was a bricklayer, sent him to Paris so he could be taught how to draw with Carrer-Belleuse. In 1854, he joined the School of the Beaux-Arts in Jouffroy's workshop. He received a classical teaching which was clearly visible into his early works : a plaster statuette of Theseus as a child, with which he started exhibiting at the Salon in 1857, and a bas-relief: Mezentius hurt by Aeneas and saved by his son Lausus, which granted his Roma's first prize in 1859. At the Villa Médicis, he befriended with Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Falguière remained five years at the French Academy in Roma. He worked there and sent many works for the Salon, among which his Cock Fight Winner in 1864. In 1868, he was awarded with a medal of honor for his Tarcicius. He was ordered a lot of works for cities in France and abroad. He worked on the Monument à La Fayette in Washington. He was appointed teacher at the School of the French Beaux-Arts in 1882 and elected Member of the Beaux-Arts Academy. Falguière was a very talented and productive artist, worked on many sculptures, and also paintings (exhibited for the first time at the Salon of 1873). He wanted to depict with accuracy, life, movement and expressions lead him to use "expedients overcomed by his true genius" as wrote Léonce Bénédicte. Falguière's sculptures were edited in bronze, mainly by Thiébaut Frères foundry. Many of the artist's works are held by french museums.

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Height : 34.3 in
Width : 15.4 in

Time 1890
Origin Paris, France
Materials Bronze
Reference Bronze-Falguière231
"Diana Huntress" by Alexandre FALGUIERE (1831-1900)

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