Chryselephantine by Charles Théodore PERRON (1862-1934)

Gilt bronze and ivory sculpture representing a young elegant woman from Middle Age admiring an ornamental vase. This sculpture is a representation of the medieval feminine beauty. The sculptor highlights the subject's youth, she is dressed in a noble way and has a svelte body. Her face is perfect, just like her pale white hands. It was a custom of the time for woman to have the whitest skin possible. The use of ivory for the skin symbolizes the ideal feodal woman. Sculptor's signature in the low part of the robe "Perron". Onyx algerian marble base and gilt bronze counter base.

About the artist

Perron Charles Théodore (1862-1934) French School.
Former pupil of Falguière, Roy and Hiollin. Member of the French Artists Society since 1896, he took part in the society's Salon and was rewarded an honorable mention in 1896, third class medal in 1897, second class medal in 1899, honorable mention in 1900 (World Fair), and finally a first class medal in 1910.
Dunkerque: Sweet Dreams, 1900 Salon
Poitiers: Béhanzin's Bust, 1899
Aurillac: Mischief, marble.

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Height : 13.2 in

Time 1900
Origin Paris, France
Materials Bronze, ivory and onyx
Reference Chryséléphantine-Perron190
Chryselephantine by Charles Théodore PERRON (1862-1934)

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