Arthur Waagen (1833-1898), german school, Odalisk with a lyre

Large polychrom spelter orientalist sculpture representing an odalisk richly dressed, with gorgeous jewelry. She is dancing carrying a lyre. Old casting proof from the 19th century, signed on back of the base "Waagen".
Bibliography : S. Richemond, Les Orientalistes , 2008, p. 211

About the artist

Arthur Waagen (1833-1898), german school.
We don't know much about german sculptor Arthur Waagen. Born in Mémel, south Prussia, this talented artist was specialized in oriental figures and wildlife. Some of his pieces of work pop up on the art market from time to time. He exhibited two plaster works at the Salon : Pheasants in 1869 and A Vandal in 1887, and two bronze statuettes : Flowers Oracle and Back from the field.

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Height : 31.5 in
Width : 9.1 in
Depth : 8.7 in

Time 1880
Origin Germany
Materials Polychrom Spelter
Reference Odalisque-Waagen261
Arthur Waagen (1833-1898), german school, Odalisk with a lyre

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